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I am a Post-Doctorate at Inria (team CORSE in Grenoble). My topics of interest are polyhedral compilation, high-performance computing and synchronous compilation. More precisely, I worked on the polyhedral model, on the tiling transformation, on program equivalence (and using semantic properties in a compiler) and on synchronous languages.

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  • Professional email:
  • (Outdated) Work office: C334 - Campus Minatec - Grenoble
  • Phone: (+33)601813891
  • I am also on Github

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Current professional status

  • Post-doctorate at Corse (Grenoble): I am a post-doctorate in team Corse in Grenoble.
  • Post-doctorate at Parkas (Paris): My previous post-doctorate was about synchronous language, in the context of the project Assume (in collaboration with Airbus and Safran). I worked on exploiting the harmonic multirate aspects of the periodic clocks of the applications. I also worked on a OpenCL backend to the Heptagon compiler, in order to offload computations on an accelerator.
  • PhD: "Detection of linear algebra operations in polyhedral programs" (Dissertation / Slides of the defense). My PhD was a cotutelle between ENS Lyon (advisers: Christophe Alias, Alain Darte/ team: Compsys) and Colorado State University (adviser: Sanjay Rajopadhye / team: Melange). This work contains mainly two contributions: the monoparametric tiling, a parametric tiling in the polyhedral model, and a template recognition algorithm, which can manage semantic properties commonly encountered in linear algebra (in particular the associativity and commutativity properties of reduction operators). These contributions were combined in order to recognize automatically tiles of the program as combination of BLAS library calls.

List of publications


  • Library implementing the basic mathematical operations for the monoparametric partitioning transformation: Github repository (integrated inside a C compiler)
  • Various transformations in the AlphaZ compiler
  • Various transformations in the Heptagon compiler (especially inside the "onesync", and the "opencl-redefine" branches)
  • Contributions to the IOLB tool, online demo webpage can be found here.

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